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A luxury watch is not just a possession; it is a statement. A watch may be a functional item, but a luxury watch says far more than this. It tells of a person who values high quality, who values design and who values some of the greatest craftsmanship in the world. Now as in everything, there are different degrees of luxury watch and in fact, it is not just the price tag that is important in determining what luxury means. The components of the watch and materials used are equal to the design and other factors. The maker’s name is likely to be important to some buyers.

There are both luxury watches and super luxury and it truly depends what is the ideal luxury watch for any individual person and what they value most. Indeed no watch can be considered the ultimate luxury watch as it very much depends on the eye of the beholder. Well known luxury watch brands will be excellent quality and serve you for a long time, no doubt becoming an heirloom which you can pass down through the generations. In addition they hold good value and could be sold if cash was ever needed. These brands include Armand Nicolet, Breitling, Corum, Hublot, Jacob & Co., Joe Rodeo and Rolex. They vary from steel to gold and are priced accordingly.

Super luxury watches as you would expect are typically from renowned craftsmen and perhaps only those in ‘the know’ are really aware of them. These include A Lange and Sohne, Alain Silberstein and Vacheron Constantin. These timepieces have hand-finished mechanical movements which are highly customised and feature additional ‘complications’. They are produced only in very small quantities whereby increasing the exclusivity and rarity of them. These watches range from to steel to yellow gold, rose gold to platinum depending on the individual piece and you can expect prices to be considerably higher. Again, they maintain a good resale value and really would be a one-of-a-kind heirloom.

A luxury watch can be all the jewellery you need and provide excellent timekeeping for years to come as well as providing pleasure. It is also an investment for you for the future. However as to what is the ideal luxury timepiece- well that’s up to you.