Expensive Watches

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Why do we buy watches? Obviously, it’s for telling the time… Just for telling the time? No way. Smartphones are enough for that nowadays. Watches are important not only for their functionality, but also they represent beauty and help the wearer to make a personal statement. Not a surprise that according to a recent survey, expensive watches are the most popular item people buy online.

Reasons for being expensive

Expensive watches are expensive because they are classically designed, giving attention to detail and imbibing impeccable qualities of workmanship.

Most of the expensive watches are hand-finished. A well hand-finished watch is really the connoisseur’s delight. These watches depend on precision, and if you get just any Tom, Dick, or Harry who will do the things together in a jiffy, you will not be able to achieve the same high quality. Watchmakers of these watches train and hire only best in the field. Of course, these experts do not come cheap; the cost of labour adds to the reasons why expensive watches are expensive.

Expensive materials

Another reason – buying movements costs a lot. Watchmakers have to purchase their movements from other sources. The more complicated the movement, the more expensive it is to make. These watchmakers are not satisfied with just sitting back and enjoying on their laurels. They are known for their innovative ideas. The expense of research is not something to trifle with. As such, newer models often carry the latest technologies and, therefore, make these watches even more expensive. Sometimes, addition of precious gem stone or metal also increases the price.

Reasons for buying them

People buy expensive watches for various reasons. Some may want to buy them for professional reasons, to make a statement that they are superlative, and they have the authority. In business and political environment where success and power are taken seriously, symbol to represent the same cannot be done by any other piece of jewellery.

You can be assured that buying them means buying a lifetime guarantee. These watches are known not only for luxury but also for their reliability. There are a lot of people who present their expensive watches to their children and also their grandchildren. Thus, an expensive timepiece becomes an heirloom for many generations.

Another reason, they compel the wearer to stand out of the crowd. It is an ego booster to have a high-end timepiece strapped to the wrist if you can afford. Purchasing experience offered by expensive watches is great and ever memorable, particularly when you purchase for loved ones. It can be treated as an investment and just by looking at them; you can feel proud of being owner of such a watch.

There are also some people who collect some of the most expensive watches in the world. They have the passion of collecting these watches to fulfil their own self. They find a sense of satisfaction when they collect the most expensive watches.

While reasons can differ from person to person for being a connoisseur of luxury and expensive watches, these beautifully crafted timepieces can be delightfully compared to collectibles that are way more different from any regular watches.