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The history of Ladies Watches is fascinating and dates back several years ago. Over the years, designs have drastically changed paving way for more elaborate and fashion conscious designs. The pedants and pocket watches that were a common characteristic during the yesteryears have been replaced by smaller, sleek and attractive timepieces built using the latest technologies.

The popularity of Ladies Watches has increased over the last few years to introduce new categories of watches. Ladies have a wide variety of types of watches and designs to choose from. The most common types of Ladies Watches are Dress, Jewellery and sports watches. Wrist watches have faced a lot of market competition from other types of watches that continue to elicit plenty of consumer interest.

Pocket watches had been a common accessory for women particularly before wrist watches become popular. A good number of ladies usually placed these watches inside dress seams or within the waist band. Pocket watches were worn with a number of other accessories such as earrings, a brooch, pin and other fashion accessories.

Contemporary life has, however, introduced drastic changes in Ladies Watches bringing in new fashion trends and designs. Today’s fashion industry is moving on the fast lane and largely dictates the change of various ladies accessories including watches. Women nowadays get confused whether to stick to wearing Ladies Watches with timeless designs or conform to modern fashion trends when putting on watches.

For ladies who are contemplating the type of watch to wear, there are 3 broad categories to choose from.

Sports Watches

These Ladies Watches are the perfect choice for active women who engage in various activities that constitute a physical lifestyle. These watches have been designed to withstand any activity and enable users to obtain maximum benefit from them. Sportswomen and ladies who love activities such as running, cliff diving and rock climbing will definitely find a sports watch an ideal choice.

These types of Ladies Watches are designed using tough materials like rubber, leather, titanium or steel. These materials are used to strengthen the watch and make it more durable particularly due to the fact that it’s used for strenuous physical exercises. Sports watches are fitted with a wide array of sporting features such as stopwatch and countdown timers.

Dress Watches

For ladies who want to look stylish and elegant, these Ladies Watches are mostly used for by women attending formal occasions. These watches are generally very classy and epitomise a high sense of style and fashion. When wearing dress watches, ladies should ensure that they match with their skin colour as well as the outfit they are wearing.

Jewellery Watches

Jewellery Ladies Watches have been carefully designed with jewellery stone and precious gems. The jewellery is used to enhance the centrepiece to add a high sense of style and elegance. These watches are usually very expensive and are commonly worn by women who are wealthy or command high respect in the society.