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Why Shop for a Brand Name Watch?

Watches today do so much more than just tell time; they reflect our personality, wake us up and help set our bearings straight. Watches also add style to our outfit when worn as jewelry on a formal occasion.

Different Types of Watches

There is a huge selection of watches available to match every single person’s personality and the activities he or she is interested in. There are pocket watches for the elegant gentleman, the clip on watches for nurses and physical therapists, the pen watches for students who always lose them as well as ring watches for the eternally busy who want to know the time without even having to roll up their sleeves.

What is in a Brand Name Watch?

If there is such a large variety why do we still take the time and effort to pick and choose a particular brand? Well, there are many reasons but the most important one is because we trust that brand name watch. The trust that we will receive our money’s worth in quality and durability is what makes most of us look for a brand name watch.

However, a brand name watch offers much more than just quality and durability; it also offer unique styles that you grow to like and associate yourself with along the years and that is yet another important reason why some of us will only use a particular brand name watch. Your watch is one of the most important accessories that you wear every single day; it not only provides you with the time but it also builds your personality and allows you to take part in your daily activities, whatever they might be.

When you do find your favorite brand name watch, it will be a watch that represents you and because you identify with it, you’ll want to wear it everyday. Look around and see which watch speaks to you. Is it easy to read, easy to wear or water proof? Does it have the date and alarm function? How about night light and compass?

Brand name watches ensure quality due to the fact that they have a made a name in the industry by providing consistent quality for a considerable amount of time. Some brands will target only the young and some only the very affluent; yet others try to appeal to a wider audience and have a wider range of watches available, from the funky to the elegant and everything in between.

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What You should Know before You Purchase a Vintage Watch

Collecting vintage watches has become a growing hobby with many around the world today. The quality of some brand name vintage watches makes them indestructible and thus the collection can be passed on from generation to generation.

However there are many deceptive people out there that know authentic vintage watches are very hard to come by and at times manage to duplicate or fraud some into buying one. Here are a few points, which hopefully will help you always purchase an authentic vintage watch.

Get to Know What Makes a Vintage Watch

Every single watch brand has its own specifics through which it is more or less unique such as a marking in the inside mechanism or a piece of jewelry on a particular part of it or the type of movement and so on. Getting to know what makes a particular vintage watch special will help you be able to tell the difference between the fake and the authentic version. There are many instances when vintages watches have been swapped around for example, a different movement in a vintage case and if you are not familiar with the same you will not know what to look and/or ask for.

Replacing is a big industry and some don’t stop at the pieces you cannot see, they will even go up to replacing pieces such as the worn hands of a vintage watch with something old but not its authentic piece. Again the only way to tell the difference is to be very familiar with what the original should look like.

Where to Look for Authentic Vintage Watches

To gather knowledge about a particular vintage watch you should look on the internet where everything will be listed in detail; you may even be able to get in touch with the company if it still exists and ask them for other signs that will give away an inauthentic vintage watch.

Vintage watches are very expensive and once you have purchased it, it may be difficult to return it on the charge that a piece was replaced as the seller can blame you for the same. Therefore, prevention is always better than cure and you should take all possible measures that you possibly can especially if you are a collector and are looking forward to expand your collection.

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