Most Expensive Watch

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There are a select few watch manufacturers that would rather be known for their exquisite and priceless timepieces than their number of sales. These watch makers are the ones behind the most expensive watch that would make anyone just dream about it.

For most people, an expensive watch would be something that goes above the $5,000 price tag. High end watches costing more than a thousand dollar can be considered expensive for the majority of the population. High street, designer shops can be found littered with these dazzling and sophisticated watches. But there are some timepieces that have a price tag so high, that they’re better off inside the glass container than in a person’s wrist.

Over the past centuries, there has been this fascination about the most expensive watch. There have been several watchmakers that have tried to put their name in history by creating the most expensive watch in their generation. Today this tradition of making the most expensive watch continues and a select few watch makers belong to this exclusive list of companies that own the most expensive watch in the world.

What makes an expensive watch cost so much depends on the materials used, its design, the features of the watch and, of course, the company’s brand. However, the most expensive watch that has a more than 6 fixed figure price tag is an entirely different category. The most expensive watch for women can be the one covered with the rarest gems and most expensive metals. Men’s most expensive watch, on the other hand, goes beyond the precious stones and rather feature the most number of complications that could be impossible to be understood and used by an average watch wearer. The most expensive watch makers have even took several years just to make one timepiece. Some of the prestigious watch makers in the world are Vacheron Constantin, Girard-Perregaux, Hublot, Girard-Perregaux and Patek Philippe.

Patek Philippe is probably one of the most expensive watchmakers that have made a name on this industry. This Swiss luxury watch maker is behind on some of the unique and expensive watches ever sold in the market. The company started making expensive timepieces basically for top ranking military officials during the First World War as a symbol of their valour and leadership.

The Ref 1527 that was created by Patek Philippe in 1943 was sold for 4 million dollars in 2002 making it the most expensive watch ever sold. What makes this Platinum World Time Watch the most expensive watch is its rarity and antiquity. Collectors and historians believe that is this the only one of its kind that was created way back 1939. There is not much information regarding the details on the complications of this watch, but its interiors and body are made from gold.