Watches of Switzerland

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When buying watches of Switzerland you are not only getting a precious timepiece, you are also purchasing a piece of tradition. Swiss watches are designed by leading watchmakers and designers and most of the time, they are assembled by hand.

The craftsmanship of watches of Switzerland has been developed for the last hundreds of years. The companies have adapted modern day innovations in the watch making to incorporate new features and improve accuracy.

Manufacturers of watches of Switzerland want to provide a wide selection for consumers who are looking for quality timepieces. They also give wise advises to consumers in order for them to come up with smart decisions when purchasing watches. They pledge to deliver quality watches of Switzerland that can be passed on from one generation to another.

Some of the luxury watches of Switzerland brands include Cartier, Omega, Rolex, Panerai, Jaeger Le-Coultre, IWC Schaffhausen, Hublot, Chanel, Breitling, Bulgari, Dior, Longines, Baume and Mercier, Tag Heuer, SwissKubik and Oris. They are the timepieces of choice for fashion leaders, watch aficionados, designers, athletes, and jewellery collectors.

Rolex is one watches of Switzerland brand. It is one of the well-known luxury brands in the world. Rolex watches are known for their quality and some pieces have become family heirlooms.

A. Lange and Sohne was founded by Ferdinand Adolph Lange in 1845. Watches from the brand are considered one of rarest on the market because less than 5,000 pieces are made per year. They use precious metals in the cases such as platinum or 18 carat gold.

Cartier is one of the watches of Switzerland that bring prestige to the user. Cartier timepieces combine beautiful aesthetics with precise motion. Each watch from the company showcases elegance and class. Most of the Cartier watches are recognised for their designs and are considered classic pieces.

Panerai watches are known to be accurate and innovative since the 1950s. Founder Giovanni Panerai started the business while running a watch making shop that still operating in Florence. From 1930s to the 1950s, Panerai watches are supplied to the Italian Navy, who benefits from the precision instruments.

IWAC Schaffhausen is one of the watches of Switzerland brand that is known for outstanding craftsmanship.IWC stands for International Watch Company. It was founded in 1868 by American Florentine Ariosto Jones in Schaffhausen. His passion for making watches is still prevalent to their watches.

These are just some of the watches of Switzerland companies. There are several other luxury Swiss brands on the market today. There are several things they have in common. They are expensive than most watches, good precision, stylish, and last more than a generation. Most of the watches have become heirlooms that stay in a family for a long time.